Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bouncing Baby Belleque | How We Found Out

Some of you know I went to Kansas to see my sister, Tina, and her family a couple of weeks ago. She is expecting her sixth child next month, and of course as soon as I walked in the door all we could talk about was babies and pregnancy! Well, one thing led to another, and I mentioned I was late (again - this is not unusual), and she surprised me by suggesting I test. Considering the more than thirty pregnancy tests I have taken in the last four plus years without a single positive result, I wasn't very excited about the prospect of yet another disappointment. But I was late, I was experiencing early pregnancy symptoms (even though every time in the past I had experienced the same symptoms, they turned out to be nothing but PMS), and darn it I just couldn't turn off that little spark of hope that always ignites whenever Aunt Flo fails to show up on time. So I took the test. And it was positive.

The first thought through my mind when I saw that second pink line? "It's finally happened; I've snapped, and now I'm hallucinating!" I stumbled out of the bathroom and told Tina there was a second line, then stumbled out the back door and stood leaning against the swing set, hyperventilating. Could I really be pregnant, after all this time, and so much heartache? What if it was a bum test? After all, Tina is almost full term, so that test is at least eight months old, and it isn't even one of those sophisticated ones, just a dip stick! What if it's wrong? What if it's right??

I don't know how long I stood out there, but suddenly I needed to be sure - sure - that I had really seen a second line. I rushed back in the house and grabbed the test - the second line was real! I showed Tina (who reacted very gracefully to having a pee stick shoved in her face), and she agreed - there was a second line. It was then it really hit me; I am pregnant!! I sat down hard on the couch and burst into tears. I don't know why I cried; shock, maybe? Fear? Sheer joy and disbelief rolled into one? Tina's children gathered around me and patted my arms and shoulders, and gave me hugs. They were so excited to hear that Aunt Alena had a baby growing in her tummy!

Later that evening, Tina took me to the store and we picked up another box of tests, just to be sure. I took one when we got home, and it was also positive - a strong positive! I called Nick.

The poor guy threw up, I kid you not. Started crying (or at least got all choked up, it was hard to tell over the phone and he wasn't telling), and just kept saying "Really? Really? Oh wow...". It was beyond words to describe, making that call.

I tested again the next morning, and was met by yet another positive. I called my doctor's office and they told me that I didn't need to worry about going in until I got home because the home tests are just as sensitive as the medical versions nowadays. Three positives? Pregnant!


  1. :) I have been out of town and just catching up now...what great news!


    PS. Blogger is playing that "stupid can't post from my account again" game.

  2. Sorry blogger's acting up :( Glad you commented! Thank you, we're beyond thrilled <3

  3. I think this is wonderful Alena Dear! I am glad you both are together happy (thrilled I mean) in this new adventure! Rock on as parents to be!!!

  4. Just reading this makes me so happy I could cry. So many years... and now YAY! You will be wonderful as a parent.

  5. Thank you, Sylvi :)



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