Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Closer To Nature Breast Care Starter Pack | Tommee Tippee | Review & Giveaway

Yep, it's another Tommee Tippee product review and giveaway! *smiles* Here's a little something for mommy, this time...

Allow me to introduce the Closer To Nature Breast Care Starter Pack...

Containing 36 disposable breast pads, 2 washable and reusable breast pads, and 1 zippered storage bad, this is a great starter kit for new moms. The bag is made out of some kind of neoprene, is waterproof, and easily holds up to 8 pads at a time, so it's especially great for carrying your nursing pads around in your diaper bag. No more fishing around in the bottom of your bag for loose packets!

The disposable fabric on these breast pads is super soft and comfortable, and breathes well. The back of each pad has a sticky spot - just peel off the tag and stick it to your bra. Unfortunately, this feature didn't work at all for me, but I am quite large breasted, so that may have simply put to much strain on the poor things (gravity and all that). In other words, the stick patch held the pad to my bra very well until I wore it for a while, and then it no longer stayed put (but it did stay sticky).

These are the reusable breast pads. I have to admit that I did not actually wear these; I was put off by the rough weave of the pad, which really did not feel that comfortable on my fingers, and I wasn't thrilled with the thought of them rubbing on more sensitive tissue. It did occur to me well after the fact (darn that pregnancy brain!) that running them through the wash a few times before using them may have made a difference. I would like to point out that even if you find them too rough like I did, the value of the Starter Pack is not diminished at all by their presence.

As you can see, these breast pads have a very slim line design, that doesn't take up much room inside your bra, and you can't see the outline at all from the outside, even with a tight shirt.

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