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Out Of Mormonism | Judy Robertson | Book Review

A Woman's True Story
Judy Robertson
Bethany House
217 pages

{ About This Book }

"You'll be back."
The bishop walked slowly to the door and held it open, dismissing them like children.
As the door clicked shut behind them, jim took a deep breath and looked at Judy. They were leaving everything behind. And they never looked back...

When Judy and Jim Robertson felt a spiritual void in their lives, they found "the finest people in the world" to embrace them and a beautifully packaged religion to entive them. Once drawn into Mormonism, they quickly climbed to leadership positions and became worthy temple Mormons, only to become disillusioned with the teaching and demands of the Latter-day Saint religion.
From her unique insider's viewpoint, Judy shares her life as a Mormon woman, her rediscovery of the Jesus of the bible, and how she and Jim found freedom as they left the LDS church in the face of persecution and confrontation.
The Robertsons are not alone in leaving Mormonism. In this edition of the book, you'll find breaf stories of others who have chosen to follow the Jesus of the Bible.

~ from the book cover

{ About The Author }
Judy Robertson is an author, speaker, and teacher. Since leaving Mormonism, Judy and her husband, Jim, founded Concerned Christians, an outreach ministry to Mormons and an equipping arm to the body of Christ. The Robertsons live near Mesa, Arizona.

You can read an exclusive interview with Judy over on Parchment Girl, here.

{ My Thoughts }

I found this book to be a very thoughtful read, and one that I believe will truly help anyone seeking an informed look at Mormonism to gain an unbiased look into this prominent religion. Judy and Jim's story is compelling because it is about a couple - a family - that was truly seeking truth when they entered the LDS church. So many stories I have read about people coming out of Mormonism feature themes of being led into it by a husband who wanted another wife (those who joined the FLDS, rather than the mainstream church), of being born into it, or of becoming Mormon simply because they lived in Utah and everyone they knew was already one. This story is different, and as such, I think far more credible, especially to readers who would otherwise say that the individuals involved simply didn't understand, or where rebelling against their upbringing or spouse. Where those other stories are moving and emotional, this book is factual and thoughtful. I recommend this book to anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the Mormon religion.

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You can purchase this book a variety of places, both online and off, including most Christian book stores. You can purchase Out Of Mormonism: One Woman's True Story here for $10.94

{ Disclaimer }

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. This post is in compliance with FTC regulations.


  1. I remember reading this book when my sister first became Mormon...It was a very powerful story that I can still remember how grateful I was to discover this when I needed an insider's prospective to what I was facing. I loved how honesty she was and often think back to her stories when I tried to understand Mormonism...

  2. I'm glad to hear that you found it helpful! I have no Mormon family, but I went to school with a number of Mormons in both the LDS and the FLDS (or offshoots of that).


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