Monday, October 31, 2011

14 Weeks Pregnant

I am three and a half months pregnant today, and in my second trimester. My baby's eyebrows are growing in, he may be sprouting hair on his head, he's making facial expressions, and he might even be sucking his thumb! My belly has definitely popped, but since I have a fair amount of belly fat I only really look pregnant to people who know I am, otherwise I just look kinda fat. I can't wear my old pants anymore, but thankfully I found two pair of maternity pants at Goodwill, which I've been wearing since week eight. I've had to pack away all of my regular shirts, and switch to maternity ones with some long tunics and tank tops thrown in. Oh, and another significant change? Lets just say that I've moved way up the alphabet in the undergarments department. Yup, lots of fun.

Nick and I scheduled our 20 week ultrasound, and will be finding out if we'll be bringing home a son or a daughter, on December 6th!

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  1. How exciting! By the way, I saw the pic Kris tagged you in on facebook. You seriously l ook SO GOOD! You're skinny!--in a good, healthy preggers way! ;) ;Love you!


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